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PRIME-HRM’s Three-Point Shot

The Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management or PRIME-HRM is a program that assesses the human resource management (HRM) practices, systems and capabilities of government agencies. It has three major strategies in its arsenal – assess, assist, award.

Under PRIME-HRM, an agency is classified under the following categories:

Regulated (or Level I) – the agency has not fully complied with the requirements for Accredited Status. It shall be subjected to regular monitoring/assistance by the Commission.

Accredited (or Level II) – the agency meets the basic requirements after having been subjected to the assessment program and/or determined to have complied with the recommendations of the CSCRO/FO. Accredited agencies are granted by the Commission authority to take final action on appointments.

Deregulated (or Level III) – the accredited agency has distinguished itself as Excellent in all or some areas of human resource management and has been given authority to take final action on appointments as well as the establishment and implementation of its own HR mechanisms without the need for prior approval from the Commission.




ASSESS: Surveying the perimeter

In basketball, a player has to go outside the three-point shot line in order to execute a three-point shot. He or she has to step back and face the whole perimeter outside the ring to gauge both distance and direction.

PRIME-HRM’s first step is similar to getting outside the three-point line and taking a wide yet focused perspective. The program assesses the agency’s HR systems through a Comprehensive HRM Assistance, Review and Monitoring (CHARM). This is a detailed appraisal of human resource management systems and standards, management of HR records, and similar systems and programs. Since Human Resource Management Officers play a big role in the program, their competencies will also be assessed to determine developmental opportunities.


ASSIST: Aiming at areas for improvement

The three-point shooter has to aim the shot from the three-point line. The release of the ball from a properly positioned body determines the success of the shot, Just like the release, PRIME-HRM aims at areas for improvement through the Continuing Assistance and Review for Excellent Human Resource Management or CARE-HRM. CARE-HRM provides customized technical assistance and developmental interventions according to the determined needs of the agency.

There may also be situations when an agency has specific needs. In these cases, the agency undergoes the Special Program for Evaluation and Assessment as Required/Requested (SPEAR). SPEAR is a special assessment on all or certain areas of an agency HRM conducted upon the Commission’s initiative or agency’s request. SPEAR covers specific areas or partakes of the nature of a particular inquiry made to verify urgently needed information. It may be done within any regular assessment period or apart from it.

AWARD: Scoring for the win

A properly executed three-point shot is scored three points. This means the player’s feet were completely behind the three-point line at the time of the shot or jump, and not in front of it (in which case, he or she would only gain two points). With the proper assessment and assistance done for an agency, PRIME-HRM may not gear it up for recognition and/or privileges.

Accredited and Deregulated agencies are entitle to certain privileges that would further assist and develop their HR practices, or given awards and special citations. They may also vie for the Center of Excellence in HRM or the Seal of Excellence in HR Award

Cheering on

PRIME-HRM develops and empowers agencies to make it a valuable player in government. With best HR practice4s in place, government agencies can reach their full potential and give their best performance in line with organization and societal goals geared toward national development and inclusive growth. This will also ultimately translate to client satisfaction. Like a three-point shot, PRIME-HRM earns points for the team and cheers from the crowd.

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