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How PRIME-HRM Came About

The principles behind the PRIME-HRM care not entirely new. The CSC has been developing an accreditation program for government agencies for years, in order to ensure that they are following the best HR practices possible. Having good HR practices translates to public service excellence.

In 1991, the CSC implemented the CSC Agency Accreditation Program or the CSCAAP to empower government agencies in the exercise of personnel management functions. This was enhanced in 2004, when the Personnel Management Assessment and Assistance Program or PMAAP was rolled out in line with CSC’s effort to shift from performing a regulatory role to an assistorial role in personnel management. However, 20 years after the launch of CSCAAP and PMAAP, only a small percent of agencies had been accredited nationwide. This prompted CSC to go back to drawing board to determine how to best attain the objectives of the program.

The CSC then expanded a one-dimensional accreditation program to a holistic HR intervention, the PRIME-HRM. PRIME-HRM integrates the best aspects of CSCAAP and PMAAP, and addresses as well identified gaps in personnel inspection and audit. It also assesses the human resource practices, systems and capabilities of agencies. It does not only make inspection and audit more relevant and purposive, it also inculcates meritocracy and excellence through a program of reward, recognition, empowerment, and continuous development.

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